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BIRTH: 28 July 1946, Perth, Western Australia

EDUCATION: Perth Modern School (1959-63), The Australian National University (B.A. 1967; PhD 1972)

HONOURS: Companion of the Order of Australia (AC); Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences of Australia (FASSA); Honorary Professor, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences


Professorial Research Fellow in Economics, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Melbourne; Member of the International Advisory Board of the Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies (Australian National University); Chairman of the China Economy and Business Program (Australian National University); President of ZEN Energy; Chairman of the Energy Transition Hub


Includes Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow, The University of Melbourne (2009-2013); Distinguished Professor, The Australian National University (2008-2013); Professor of Economics, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, The Australian National University (1989-2008); Australian Ambassador to China (1985-88); Chairman, Primary Industry Bank of Australia Ltd (PIBA) (1989-94); Chairman, Bank of Western Australia Ltd (BankWest) (1988-95).

Chairman of the Papua New Guinea Sustainable Development Program Limited (2002 to 2012) and its nominee Director to Ok Tedi Mining Limited (2002 to 2013) (Chairman 2011-2013); Chairman of Lihir Gold Limited (1995 to 2010).

Conducted a review on Climate Change and Policy Response to Climate Change for the Federal, State and Territory governments of Australia (2007-08).

Chairman, Phillip Asia Capital Management Limited (Melbourne and Singapore); Chairman, Sequoia Capital Management Limited (Sydney); Chairman, Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (1994-2000); Chairman, Pacific Economic Outlook Forecasting Group (Pacific Economic Cooperation Council) (2000-2004); Chairman, Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd (Melbourne) (2002-04); Chairman, Western Australia China Economic and Technical Research Fund (1989-95); Foundation Director, Asia Pacific School of Economics and Management (APSEM), The Australian National University (1998 – 2000); Deputy Chairman and Member of the Australia-China Council (1990-94);  Chairman of the Australian Government’s Wool Industry Review Committee (1993);  Senior Economic Adviser to Prime Minister R.J.L. Hawke (1983-85);  First Assistant Secretary (Head of the Division of General Financial and Economic Policy),  Papua New Guinea Department of Finance (1975 and 1976);  Adjunct Professor of Pacific Basin Economics, Columbia University, New York (1988-91);  Chairman, Aluminium Smelters of Victoria (1988-89); Chairman, Sequoia Capital Management Limited (2003-2006); Director, Sydney Institute (1991-96);  Research Director of the ASEAN-Australia Economic Relations Research Project (1981-83); Editor, Australian Quarterly, (1992-96); Convenor of Economics Division and Head of Economics Department, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, The Australian National University, (1989-98); Member of the Advisory Council to the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs 1997-2002); Chairman of the Review of Federal-State Funding, 2001-02.

Professor Garnaut is the author of the Report presented to the Australian Prime Minister and Australian Premiers in 2008, The Garnaut Climate Change Review (Cambridge University Press 2008),and the Report presented to the Australian Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade in 1989, Australia and the Northeast Asian Ascendancy.  Professor Garnaut is also author of numerous books, monographs and articles in scholarly journals on international economics, public finance and economic development, particularly in relation to East Asia and the Southwest Pacific.  Recent books of which he is author or co-author include Growth Without Miracles (2001, Oxford University Press); Social Democracy in Australia’s Asian Future, (2001, Asia Pacific Press and Institute of Southeast Asian Studies); China, New Engine of World Growth, (2003, Asia Pacific Press); China’s Third Economic Transformation, (2004, Routledge Curzon); China’s Ownership Transformation, (2005, International Finance Corporation); The Turning Point in China’s Economic Development, (2006, Asia Pacific Press) and China: Linking Markets for Growth (2007, Asia Pacific Press).

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