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‘The fog of Australian politics on climate change has obscured a fateful reality: Australia has the potential to be an economic superpower of the future post-carbon world.’—Ross Garnaut

We have unparalleled renewable energy resources. We also have the necessary scientific skills. Australia could be the natural home for an increasing proportion of global industry. But how do we make this happen?

In this crisp, compelling book, Australia’s leading thinker about climate and energy policy offers a road map for progress, covering energy, transport, agriculture, the international scene and more. Rich in ideas and practical optimism, Superpower is a crucial, timely contribution to this country’s future.

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Superpower: Corrigendum

We wish to alert readers to an error made in the first printing of Superpower: Australia’s Low-Carbon Future.

In graph 4.8 on page 86, the key for ‘solar PV’ and ‘coal’ was transposed, incorrectly giving the impression that solar is getting more expensive over time. The corrected page, showing how solar is becoming cheaper, is provided here.

The error has been corrected in ebook and will be corrected in future print edition reprints.

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