RESET: Restoring Australia after the Great Crash of 2020

The RESET Webinar series will be presented in 6 parts;

1/ The Pandemic and the Great Crash of 2020 (20th May). Recording available here.

2/ Dog Days. Why going back to 2019 won’t work (Wednesday 27th June). Recording available here.

3/ Restoring Prosperity (3rd June). Recording available here.

4/ Equity to support Productivity-Raising Reform (10 June). Recording available here.

5/ Building the Superpower of the Low Carbon World Economy (17 June). Recording available here.

6/ Restoring International Cooperation (Wednesday 24 June)

Each webinar will be moderated by Professor A.Abigail Payne, Director and Ronald Henderson Professor, Melbourne Institute: Applied Economic & Social Research.

Register here for one or more of these webinars. Please note there is a limit to webinar registrations. If you register and are unable to attend please unregister to make space for others to join.

All webinars will be recorded and made publicly available as they are released.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused the world to enter its deepest recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Despite good management of the spread of the virus internally, Australia is affected more than other developed countries, because of the structure of its economy and its location in a region of vulnerable developing countries. Shocks of this magnitude throw history from its established course. As we struggle to overcome the coronavirus challenge, we can plan for an Australia that has strengths beyond those with which we entered the current trials.

Ross Garnaut’s ‘RESET’ lectures describe the pandemic and its economic impact; the challenges that Australia, developed democracies and the international community carried into the pandemic; and lays out alternative paths forward for Australia in the challenging post-pandemic world. The lectures explore the economic policy choices that can allow us to manage down extraordinarily high deficits and debt; and restore productivity growth, full employment and broadly based increases in living standards. Garnaut discusses how commitment to accelerated transition to a zero emissions economy can support the restoration of Australian prosperity.  He considers weaknesses in international cooperation that were apparent before the pandemic, have deepened through the health and economic crises and which need to be corrected in restoration of global prosperity.